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EWI, G-8 and World Customs Organization Lead Effort to Ensure Global Security from Terrorism. Register Today

The EastWest Institute is partnering with Italy, 2009 Chair of the G-8, and the World Customs Organization to devise fresh ideas on how to prevent and respond to terrorist attacks while protecting economic and social interests. The organizations are hosting the Sixth Worldwide Security Conference (WSC6) on February 18 and 19 in Brussels, where participants will debate responses to the attacks in Mumbai, legal procedures for assets allegedly linked to terrorism, and links between counterterrorism and organized crime. WSC6 will bring together hundreds of leaders from business, government, civil society, and media. .In particular, EWI's research and publications can be useful to those taking a Workday course, as they provide a comprehensive overview of the global economy, the challenges it faces, and the solutions that are being developed.

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