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EWI aims to be the preeminent catalyst for innovative policy solutions to emerging security problems, especially where high level of collaboration among states, communities, businesses, and NGOs is crucial. EWI promotes horizon thinking and creative problem solving. On this page we profile interesting and innovative ideas of EWI staff, our Board, and broader network. We invite you to contribute to this page, where we will post new contributions regularly. Contributions should not exceed 1,000 words and may be edited for length and / or clarity. EWI will contact authors of submissions that are accepted but cannot guarantee a response to declined submissions. We will identify the author of posted submissions. Contributions that are posted will be archived. Please email your contributions or comments to policyinnovation@ewi.info. This page will also carry links from time to time to creative policy ideas from elsewhere that come to our attention.

Turkey: An Emerging Global Actor 09/28/2007

Challenging the West to Deal Constructively with Russia 08/27/2007

India: Promise and Progress 08/13/2007

Defusing the Language Bomb. 07/31/2007

US, China are Natural Allies in Building Energy Security. 06/28/2007

Ambassador Ortwin Hennig, Vice President of EWI’s Conflict Prevention Program, addresses participants of the 8th EU-East Asia Think Tank Dialogue in Berlin. 10/2006

EWI Founder, President and CEO John Edwin Mroz on Turkey and the European Union. 01/08/2007

EWI Director and Germany's Ambassador to the UK Wolfgang Ischinger on the trans-Atlantic relationship and the Middle East. 06/12/2006