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Countering Violent Extremism

Global insecurity and new media are giving violent  extremists of all stripes an increasingly robust platform to proselytize and organize. Unfortunately, there is no similar global platform to bring together moderate voices to promote peace, security and equality.

The EastWest Institute’s Countering Violent Extremism Initiative works to create a positive vision of diversity and to build a platform to help moderate voices spread this vision.

The initiative consists of three parts:

  • The Charter for a Global Public Square, which will bring together thought leaders to create a positive vision for a global movement of moderates, and to promote this vision through diplomatic and youth networks
  • The Global Youth Collaborative, which will aggregate and guide youth-driven ideas to address violent extremism in their communities 
  • The Faith and Diplomacy Task Force, which will bring together people of faith in government and diplomatic networks to identify and respond to key challenges and opportunities facing faith leadership today.

Our work raises awareness among civil society and policymakers by discovering and promoting the antidotes to violent extremism.  We are taking what already exists around the world through thought leadership and viral campaigning and using it to reach new and broader audiences, again with particular attention to youth.

Photo: EWI's Countering Violent Extremism Initiative Participates in Global Youth Movement
EWI's Countering Violent Extremism Initiative Participates in Global Youth Movement
The Countering Violent Extremism Initiative is taking part in the Alliance for Youth Movements Summit organized by Howcast, Facebook, Google, YouTube, MTV, the U.S. Department of State, Columbia Law School and Access 360 Media. Watch it now on Howcast! More
Somerset, NJ, U.S.A.
EWI and Hindu Collective Initiative Take Steps To Create a Global Platform for Moderates
On November 22, 2008, EWI’s Countering Violent Extremism Initiative continued efforts to create a global movement of moderates with a colloquium of Hindu leaders in Somerset, New Jersey (U.S.A.). The colloquium, convened by the Hindu Collective Initiative at the Arsha Bodha Center, was one of several gatherings in the United States that allow faith communities to openly discuss the nature, causes, and effects of violent extremism. More | Download in PDF (52 KB)
South Orange, NJ, U.S.A.
Global Youth Collaborative Workshop on Peace and Security in South Orange, NJ
The Global Youth Collaborative on Peace and Security conducted a student workshop at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ (U.S.A.) to determine how young people’s can get the support they need to organize, counter violent extremism, and contribute to a safer and better world. More | Download in PDF (84 KB)
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