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African energy security, including in Sudan, could provide the key to improving China-U.S. relations. This was the conclusion of a report released today by the EastWest Institute, Energy Interest and Alliances: China, America and Africa.
The report argues that the traditional view of large powers competing strategically for scarce resources in Africa is outdated and damaging. But there is a continuing unease over energy security. This has been aggravated by volatile oil prices, Russia’s energy power, instability in oil exporting counties, and economic threats posed by climate change.

Yet, as this report demonstrates, the energy sectors in China and the U.S., and the energy interests of the two countries, are becoming increasingly inter-dependent.

Authored by experts on economics, energy and international relations, the East West publication makes two main recommendations:

 China and the United States should open bilateral discussions on the creation of a new global international energy organization.

 In partnership with the E.U. and the African Energy Commission (AFREC), China and the United States should negotiate a new deal for the energy security of Africans, where the average electrification rate is 30 per cent, and just 2 per cent in some countries.

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