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EWI can deliver its goals only through knowledge of the best available policy advice that is based on rigorous research and critical analysis. To this end, EWI relies on a global network of business leaders, political figures, senior officials, opinion makers and scholars. The Fellows Program of EWI is part of that process. It is led by Dr Greg Austin, Vice President and Director of Policy Innovation. He is an internationally-recognized specialist in international security and conflict prevention with strong qualifications in policy work and academic analysis.

EWI fellowships provide the recipients with opportunities to shape EWI's agenda and the outcomes of our work.

Fellows are expected to publish policy analyses in variety of formats during their tenure, as well as participate actively in events and meetings organized by EWI.

Each Fellowship can run from between four and 12 months and will be held at EWI offices in New York, Brussels or Moscow.

Funding arrangements for the Fellows vary and depend on the qualification and experience of the candidate. EWI welcomes innovative proposals from qualified candidates with independent funding means.

Only exceptional candidates with the most outstanding academic records or significant policy expertise are considered.

Appointments can be made (with or without stipend) at several levels, depending on qualifications and experience: Distinguished Fellow, Senior Fellow and Fellow. The level of appointment depends on a variety of elements, including international standing, achievements in public life, publishing record and degree of day-to-day involvement in EWI activities.

For more information, please contact us at gaustin@ewi.info