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Davis Peace and Security Fellows

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In recognition of her lifetime of devotion to preventing conflict and promoting peace through understanding -- and in honor of her 100th birthday -- the EastWest Institute has launched the "Dr. Kathryn W. Davis Peace & Security Fellows" initiative.

The Fellows, promising women and men from around the world, will carry forward the challenge that Dr. Davis eloquently articulated in her remarks to the EWI Board of Directors and Staff on October 7, 2006 in Potsdam, Germany, upon receiving the Institute's Prize for Peace and Conflict Prevention.

She inspired and challenged us to bring forth new ideas for preparing for peace instead of war; bring the world back from the brink of destruction and annihilation; work to not only eliminate weapons of mass destruction but also the very notion of their use; and fight extremism in all its forms. She called on us to build a new peace force to turn weapons into ploughshares for the good of mankind.

The Fellows will be selected based on their record, commitment and potential to help fulfill Dr. Davis' vision. Fellows will be integral members of the EWI community advancing the Institute's goal of a safer, more peaceful world.

Stephen Tankel, EWI's Deputy Director of Policy Innovation until June 2007, is the first Davis Fellow at the Institute.