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Kaliningrad Region in the Context of Establishing the Common Economic Space

EWI Contact: Benjamin Sturtewagen
Publication Series: Reports
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EWI's roundtable, “Kaliningrad Region in the Context of Establishing the Common Economic Space,” was the third in a series of events aimed to further an informal EU-Russia dialogue on a wide range of issues pertaining to Kaliningrad’s potential role in fostering EU-Russian cooperation and partnership, as well as to the development of the region in the context of an enlarged European Union. More than 60 representatives, including Russian and European policy makers and experts discussed the use of the Kaliningrad factor for the benefit of the establishment of the Common Economic Space (CES) as a potential way of developing EU-Russian economic cooperation, and also for the benefit of piloting the mechanisms to establish and operate the CES. The event was part of the Regional and Trans-Frontier Cooperation project's initiative, “Support to Transforming the Kaliningrad Oblast into a Pilot Region in EU-Russia Partnership” in cooperation with the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University.

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