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EU and Ukraine: Looking for a New Partnership and Cooperation In Europe’s Neighborhood

EWI Contact: Lejla Haveric
Publication Series: Reports
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Following EWI's February 2005 conference in Kyiv, a second conference on Ukraine was convened with the aim of looking more closely at the future of the relationship between the EU and Ukraine. "EU and Ukraine: Looking for a New Partnership and Cooperation In Europe’s Neighborhood” was organized in cooperation with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office on July 15-16, 2005 at Ditchley Park in the United Kingdom. The Conference brought together 40 participants, including senior leaders from the European Union and Ukraine, business representatives and independent experts. This group of high-level participants addressed the future of the relationship between Ukraine and the European Union, going beyond the current Partnership and Cooperation Agreement and Action Plan, and examined the importance of this relationship in a broader regional context. Conference participants discussed the goals of the United Kingdom's Presidency of the European Union in the area of European Neighbourhood Policy, particularly towards Ukraine, as well as the Ukrainian governments’ priorities for the implementation of the Action Plan during the second half of 2005. Participants also considered the future of the EU's European Neighbourhood Policy following the negative outcome of the EU's Constitution referenda and explored new ideas for the future framework of EU-Ukraine relations and assessed related policy priorities for both parties.