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Erez Industrial Estate Pilot Study: An Implementation Plan

EWI Contact: Benjamin Sturtewagen
Publication Series: Papers
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This study follows up on the EastWest Institute's previous publication, "The Erez and Gaza Industrial Estates: Catalysts for Development," which concluded that industrial estates offer promising opportunities for economic rehabilitation, employment regeneration, the development of export-based industries, and provided a focal point for domestic and international investment in the Palestinian Territories.

This report was undertaken in cooperation with The Services Group, Inc., and outlines practical next practical for stakeholders in the Erez Industrial Estate (EIE) following the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip; it takes inventory of the current situation at the EIE, determines key requirements for the preservation and reactivation of the EIE during a four to six-month transition phase and the following two to three-year development phase after Israeli the withdrawal; outlines solutions for development and management in the medium and long terms; and provides an implementation plan for actions subsequent to disengagement.