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About EWI

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We work to make the world a safer place by addressing the seemingly intractable problems that threaten regional and global stability.

Founded in 1980, EWI is an international, non-partisan, entrepreneurial organization with centers in Brussels, New York and Moscow. Our directors, professional staff and alumni constitute the core of a worldwide network of women and men from diverse regional and professional backgrounds. Our track-record of mentoring, partnering and networking has made us an institution of choice for state and non-state actors seeking to cooperate, prevent conflict, and manage regional and global challenges.

Our Values

The EWI network is united by the values of respect, fairness, responsibility, honesty and compassion. We work to give everyone a voice and establish trust among all parties within the framework of these values.

Our Approach

EWI is more than a think-tank. Through our programs we translate our values and ideas into action. We:

  • Provide a sanctuary for discreet conversation. We bring together individuals, institutions and nations that do not usually cooperate and represent both grassroots pragmatism and high-level policy.
  • Probe and listen generously in order to test new ideas, reframe issues and create win-win solutions.
  • Identify, develop and network future leaders from the business, public and social sectors to be intellectual entrepreneurs committed to resolving current and horizon issues.

Our Independence

The EastWest Institute is a non-profit organization. Our fierce independence is ensured by the diversity of our supporters. They include individuals,foundations, institutions, and businesses from around the world. We accept limited project funding from some governments.