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EWI owes much to the remarkable contributions of thousands of outstanding men and women who have collaborated with the Institute since its founding in 1980. Our alumni are at the core of a worldwide network of leaders who give EWI an unusual advantage as an effective "think and action tank" able to resolve the problems that threaten peace and security.

EWI's Alumni Program is a new initiative designed for systematic and sustained engagement with the Institute's distinguished board and staff alumni. The aim is to create an active professional network of benefit both to EWI's programs and to the professional endeavors of alumni, many of whom are engaged in related and complementary areas of work.

The Program is spearheaded by two distinguished alumni, Mr. Vasil Hudak and Ms. Sasha Havlicek, who co-Chair the Alumni Council. The members of the Council provide advice and serve as ambassadors for EWI's work, helping to define the scope and activities of the Alumni program, identify and engage fellow alumni, and work on ways to support and provide unique resources for EWI alumni. EWI and the Alumni Council are developing a plan of benefits for alumni, including regional convenings with senior EWI staff in key cities and quarterly off-the-record briefings by EWI staff and high-level guests on international affairs issues.

EWI alumni interested in learning more or becoming involved are invited to contact Ms. Margaret Gaon, Director of Human Resources at mgaon@ewi.info